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Brief cope carver 1997. The stress issue is the it in some of the items.

Pdf Measures Of Coping For Psychological Well Being

The following questions ask how you have sought to cope with a hardship in your life.

Brief cope questionnaire pdf. Description the brief cope is a 28 item self report questionnaire designed to measure effective and ineffective ways to cope with a stressful life event. Carver of the university of miami and is used to empirically determine what mechanisms you use and helps you identify what research says about that technique. Coping is defined broadly as an effort used to minimize distress associated with negative life experiences.

Read the statements and indicate how much you have been using each coping style. These were included because each scale is unipolar the absence of this. The carver brief cope inventory pdf one of the challenges and criticisms of the cope inventory was its length.

The brief cope inventory was adapted by carver 1997 and is an abbreviated version of the full cope inventory. This survey was created by dr. Cope we are interested in how people respond when they confront difficult or stressful events in their lives.

Each item says something about a particular way of coping and please. Here you can take a brief questionnaire about what coping strategy you use. There are many ways to try to deal with problems.

There are lots of ways to try to deal with stress. Please read each group of statements carefully and then pick out the one statement in each group that best describes the way you have been feeling during the past two weeks including today. Circle the number beside the statement you have picked.

Brief cope ptlds. The development and psychometric evaluation of the brief resilient coping scale. The items are followed by instructions regarding which items are summed for each scale.

If several statements in the group seem to apply. The cope inventory was developed to assess a broad range of coping responses several of which had an explicit basis in theory. This questionnaire asks you to indicate.

G wallston k a. It also includes at least 2 pairs of polar opposite tendencies. These next items deal with ways you ve been coping with the stress in your life.

The inventory includes some responses that are expected to be dysfunctional as well as some that are expected to be functional. The items below are the dispositional version of the cope inventory as we have administered it. I haven t been doing this at all a little bit a medium amount i ve been doing this a lot 1 i ve been turning to work or other.

This questionnaire concerns how you coped with your most stressful experience identified above. These items ask what you ve been doing to cope with present stresses. This questionnaire consists of 21 groups of statements.

You have done really well thank you. Assessment 11 1 94 101.

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