Dell F12 Boot Menu Diagnostics

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Factory installed dell precision platforms include 32 bit system diagnostics on the installed utility partition. However the dell boot menu key as well as the bios key for some older dell computers maybe ctrl alt enter del fn esc fn f1.

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I then tried to access f12 again with no luck.

Dell f12 boot menu diagnostics. F12 was not working to take me to the menu. If this passes the standard dell diagnostics main menu appears. You can press the f2 or f12 key to enter most of the boot menu of dell laptops and desktops.

F12 not working to get to boot menu i usually just shut the entire system down then press the power button and immediately start pressing the f12 key rapidly until i end up at the boot menu. If you miss it just wait for windows to finish starting and try again. I googled it and found advice on adjusting my function key lock options.

As the computer boots press f12 when the dell splash screen appears. 1 is this facility available on all modern pcs if you press f12 as indicated above or is it just something that dell pcs have. From here it depends on which model of computer you have but the steps are similar for all.

Reboot your computer and press the f12 key as soon as you see the dell screen that shows right before the windows screen. To run the built in 32 bit diagnostics perform the following steps. When it boots to the media click next and select repair your computer.

The system isn t ready to accept anything from the keyboard until the bios is finished with its keyboard test after which it will show the prompt and start queuing keypresses. On every dell non server system i ve used pressing f12 during initial boot will cause the one time boot menu to appear and as long as your usb device was properly set up as a boot device and was already connected when the system powered on you should see an option to boot from it in that list. I restarted the computer started tapping on f2 and entered bios.

Now you should see the black boot menu screen. The dell logo will appear then the f2 f12 prompt should show up about a second or two later. F12 is the one time boot menu.

After pressing the keystroke the appropriate modules load and the psa diagnostics run. I found the fn lock options and disabled function lock. Power the computer on and at the dell logo screen tap the f12 function key rapidly until you see preparing one time boot menu appear in the top right corner of the screen.

Access these diagnostics using the f12 keystroke during system boot and select diagnostics. Press the tab key to highlight test system press enter to. When the boot menu appears highlight the boot to utility partition option or the diagnostics option and then press enter to start the legacy 32 bit dell diagnostics.

I want to run the dell diagnostics on my inspiron. At the boot menu select the device under uefi boot that matches your media type usb or dvd. Dell diagnostics f12 on a dell pc if you press the f12 key at start up when you see the logo you can go to the diagnostics page and then test various parts of your pc.

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