Alyona Bauska designer of the Latvian brand “QooQoo”

Sunday, July 8, 2018

The creator of the QooQoo brand, Alyona Bauska had begun her career as a graphic designer for large advertising and design companies. At some point, she noticed that her growing creative abilities should express on her own, which inspired her to create her first collection, and served to further growth of an already formed designer. The corporate identity of the brand QooQoo literally blew up the fashion world with it is unusual, unique and expressive prints. Because of the uniqueness of the QooQoo brand, we have decided to make an interview with a designer Alyona Bauska to discover more about important moments of her career and to find her sources of inspiration.

Why did you choose a career as a Fashion Designer?

The fashion industry has chosen me, not vice versa. At first, I was studying graphic design and was working in the advertising industry. I was drawing, creating computer graphics in different programs etc. I really liked what I do. My colleagues in the advertising department had contacts with the organization, where there was an opportunity to print on textiles. Well, we caught the idea and began to make an experiment. The first attempts were still raw, but after a year, I have realized how to use this technology correctly and after this time, everything has changed. The first collection was very bright and looking nice. Literally, after one year, I came up with the famous leggings for our brand, which at that time were innovative. Our beginning was very successful. Since then, we are marketing ourselves as a brand of cheerful and humorous fashion, which creates clothes for creative and individual youth.

Who inspires you and why?

Each time it is different. Depends on the collection. Sometimes I am inspired by nature, sometimes by new trends. I always follow all the innovations in various fields. I always try to create things with long-sightedness for the future.

Who are your favorite designers?

Well, at the moment, I really like the brand SORRY I’M NOT from Russia. They use different technologies and all sorts of interesting chips. I have noticed that we even have something in common, for instance as embroideries and colors.

What kind of skills is important for a successful career in fashion design?

The more skills a person has, the better he is. I think that you need a basic understanding of how to position your brand. It is very important to tirelessly develop your visual taste because it always helps in creating an identity, and general visual materials of your brand as a whole. It is very important to develop your taste in composition and photography.

Which projects make you feel proud of and why?

Each project is unique, but if I need to choose one, it definitely will be a collaboration with Ghetto Games. Our collection at the Riga Fashion Week was held at the National Library Gaismas Pils. I am proud that sports people made a fashion show unique. It was something new, very fun and cool.

What is your favorite part about being a designer?

I like the dynamics of my work. I like that the work is not monotonous and I have to deal with so many things: to enjoy a lot of inspiration, do different things and meet new people. In this regard, I never get bored with what I am doing. Such a rhythm does not allow sitting you out on the spot.

Could you please describe a process of creation of your clothes? What steps do you take when you are working through a new collection?

In the beginning, I determine with a theme, which I study carefully in the future. Next, I consider the trends of the future season in terms of colors and fabrics. After, I create prints. Sometimes spontaneous creations occur, which arise quite unexpectedly and very often are successful.

What fabrics do you usually use to create your collections?

I use fabrics that are mostly produced in Lithuania and Poland. All production is local, everything is within Europe. The most important thing is that everything should be a high quality and look great not only in the picture but also in life.

Tell us about a time when you disagreed with the feedback you received from a client. How did you handle that situation?

Yes, this happens periodically. At the workplace, there are all kinds of situations and we try to solve it as much as possible by pleasing the client.

How do you handle stress and pressure?

This is a very good question. Often a lot of stress appears because the activity is too versatile and intense. However, I try to react less emotionally to all of this. Still, this business is inextricably linked with me and, of course, this is a very big problem, but when this happens, I try to go out and rest.

What is the difference between the time when you started being in fashion and now when you are a famous fashion designer in Latvia?

At the very beginning, when I had not worked in advertising agencies, but just learned how to draw computer graphics, I spent many hours at the computer and worked very hard. Now I, of course, optimize this process, make it easier and more enjoyable for myself. Although I understand that I would like to spend many hours in the development of their creativity, now this is still unrealistic.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

In principle, one of the scenarios can be that I live outside of Riga, maybe in a smaller town and spend more time in nature to disconnect more from the bustle and spend more time on my interests. Now there is not enough time to devote to development, because doing this business takes almost all of my time.

Designer Alyona Bauska creates clothes for people who crave individuality in everyday life and are not afraid of bold experiments on their wardrobe. QooQoo clothes are closely related to the Latvian culture, its tradition, and nature. The collections are made from fabrics of European manufacture, which makes it possible to control the production and maximize the quality of the goods. A pleasant conversation with Alyona left inspiring urges for decisive actions of everyone’s creative path and conveyed a mood of confidence and desire for new purchases of the bright brand QooQoo.

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