Top 10 Most Powerful Fashion Women in History

Sunday, September 30, 2018

If any industry should be dominated by women it’s fashion, which is why it remains so surprising that the top echelons are, in many ways, a boy’s club. But that could all be changing, because there are some seriously powerful women in fashion who are poised to take things over.Here, the 10 most powerful women in fashion, from media titans to entrepreneurs. All of the proof that you need that women really do run the world.


Cathy Horyn is an American fashion critic and journalist who worked for The New York Times from 1998 until 2014 where she had the highly noted and provocative blog “On The Runway”.


Best known for creating some of the world’s most recognized bridal gowns, Wang’s empire also includes a ready-to-wear line, diffusion line for Kohls, tuxedo line, and multiple fragrances, marking her as a formidable businesswoman as well as designer.


Obviously, Coco Chanel needs no introduction–her influence today is as strong as ever, as the house she founded remains one of the most coveted and respected labels in the world. She introduced what are now staples of sportswear into women swear, in part, by borrowing from the vocabulary of menswear.


The recipient of the CFDA’s prestigious Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award in 2008, Herrera has built an empire on her elegant, chic wares and is credited with making the white shirt a must-have staple in every woman’s wardrobe.


Miuccia Prada built her family’s luxury leather bag business into a fashion empire. Her designs are consistently among the most directional, and subsequently imitated, season after season.


As the role of women in the workforce began to change, with more and more women rising to the top of the career ladder in leadership or managerial roles, so too did their wardrobe. Karan was responsible for developing stylish staples for the everyday career woman, that were comfortable and gave off an aura of power clothes that Karan, as a career woman and mother, would also want to wear.


Besides the feminine, flattering, and easily wearable sensibility that has made her label such a success, McCartney has also been a pioneer in vegan and environmentally-conscious fashion.


Sozzani has been a pioneer in bringing Vogue Italia into the digital age, democratizing fashion, and making a point to feature plus-size and non-white models. While some of her decisions have been met with controversy, they’ve always encouraged important discussions.


Another female fashion designer whose house remains as relevant today as when she founded it is Jeanne Lanvin. Trained as a milliner and dressmaker, Lanvin began making clothes for her daughter that were so beautiful, a number of wealthy people began requesting copies for their own children, and the designer happily obliged. Lanvin was born as a children’s wear label. Soon, though, mothers began requesting similar designs that they themselves could wear, and within years the business had grown to include women swear, perfume and home design, making Lanvin the first designer to see the potential of a lifestyle brand.


Quant was instrumental in the mod fashion movement, and is widely credited as the inventor of the miniskirt and of hot pants. While the new styles were certainly meant to be risque and sexy, they also represented growing liberation in women’s fashion – and we owe much of today’s skin-baring styles at least in part to Quant.

 Right from politics to Paralympics, women ruled like queens, leaving no choice with their malecounterparts, but to accept and honor their efforts.They are the smartest, passionate and the most dedicated group of women who with their offerings have given a direction and dimension to the Fashion industry worldwide.These women with their creative and business caliber have built billion dollar empires working as designers, fashion entrepreneurs, models, influencers and editors. Their eye of detail is unmatchable and their need to excel dire.

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