10 instagram fitness builder people: Where to find an inspiration for sport?

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

To inspire means to fill someone with the urge or ability to do or feel something. No matter what your fitness ability or interest, there is an activity out there for you. The social media platform has become the go-to space for anyone and everyone interested in health and fitness. Pro trainers and amateur jocks alike can share pics and videos of their workouts, training plans, fails, and triumphs. Some of the Instagram fitness models are more into “fitness,” while some are more “models” who enjoy showing off their toned and healthy bodies. The one common feature is that all 10 of these Instagram fitness models are incredibly popular, having at least four million followers.

Sommer Ray. @sommerray

21-year-old Sommer Ray hails from Colorado in the US. She is relatively new to fitness modeling, having begun posting her pictures and videos in September 2016. She has become an Instagram superstar in a short time. She comes from a fit family – both her parents were competitive bodybuilders. This meant that the family regularly traveled to compete in fitness shows.

Curtis Williams. @curtiswilliams17

Curtis Williams will help you kick your routine up a notch. This former Baltimore Ravens player is now an elite performance coach and has his own training program. His exercises are designed to enhance your athleticism – so they’re high energy, challenging, and empowering.

Jen Selter. @jenselter

Jen Selter is an American, best known for her fitness modeling and overall social media presence. gym to post an online picture of herself wearing a bikini. The photo went viral, and Jen gained fame overnight. Jen worked at two part-time jobs while at school. She took time out one day from working in a fitness gym to post an online picture of herself wearing a bikini. The photo went viral, and Jen gained fame overnight. Since then she has continued to work out and has built up a strong social media following, sharing images and videos of her fitness lifestyle. She has appeared in television shows as a fitness trainer, giving lessons to the viewers.

Ben Booker. @thebenbooker

Ben Booker is the owner and founder of Second Chance Fitness, a 24-hour gym in Illinois. Anyone willing to run a gym that let’s people come in and work out at any hour of the day gets our stamp of approval.

Anllela Sagra. @anllela_sagra

Anllela Sagra is a Colombian fitness model and bodybuilder. She began her working life in fashion design and modeling. She deliberately kept herself skinny at this at the time, as that was the preferred body image for models, rather than a muscular build. One day she met a personal trainer at the gym who changed her outlook on life. She gained an interest in fitness, learned about the human body, and adopted new training styles. She particularly enjoyed weight-training. As a result, she made a conscious career change into the world of fitness modeling.

Don Saladino. @donsaladino

Ever wonder who helps to push celebrities into the ridiculously good shape needed to play a superhero at the movies? Don Saladino, an NYC-based fitness master, is one of the trainers behind the transformations of Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Sebastian Stan, David Harbour, and others. He shares workout moves to his account daily to give his followers a chance to suit up for their own superhero bodies, too.

Julia Gilas. @juliagilas

Julia Gilas is a Ukrainian-born personal trainer and fitness model. She moved to the USA in 2009, when aged 24, to pursue her dream of being a model, and has subsequently gained American citizenship. She became a model and started to enjoy the modeling life, including extensive travel. However, she found that with extensive travel it was easy to neglect basic health and nutrition. Julia decided that she needed to change her life choices. She made a conscious effort to live a healthy lifestyle. At this point, she decided to move into fitness modeling. While she still travels the world for modeling purposes, she does it with health and fitness in mind. She has built her Instagram account up and shares her fitness routines and healthy eating ideas with her followers.

Gideon Akande. @getfitwithgiddy

Gideon Akande has a charisma that can’t be beat. The former Golden Gloves champion and Men’s Health Next Top Trainer posts versatile training techniques that are high energy, super fun, and insanely effective. Try his workouts once and we promise you’ll be hooked.

Dylan Werner. @dylanwerneryoga

You’ve never seen yoga like this before. If you’re looking to improve your mobility, let LA-based yoga instructor Dylan Werner be your inspiration. His body tends to defy gravity and he’s the king of casually balancing his entire body weight on one arm.

Massy Arias. @massy.arias

Massy Arias is an inked-up, shredded personal trainer who ends every one of her workout posts with a dance. The fit mom shares her plans with her followers in English and Spanish – so if you’re bilingual and love to cap your hard work with fun, she’s definitely worth the follow.

Fitness is a hot topic at the moment. People admire lean, tanned, trim fitness models and seek to emulate their healthy physiques. They see how happy these fitness models look and realize that they too would like to lose a few pounds and reduce the risks of dying early. This can be as simple as sharing images of a healthy breakfast, with a caption linking to the recipe. It could be a video tutorial on how to carry out a particular exercise. Or it could be before and after shots, to motivate people to lose weight.

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10 instagram fitness builder people: Where to find an inspiration for sport?

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