Debut of Public Makes Image at Riga Fashion Week.

 Public Makes Image street style clothing brand debut in Riga Fashion Week.

The Latvian designer of urban clothing brand Public Makes Image represents their collection in Riga Fashion week in a unique format at K.K. fon Stricka Villa.

Their brand designer Liene Grinberga was inspired by a fashion of largest European cities, as a result, she has created a collection that combines street style and glamour heritage from the 80s and 90s.

“I try to follow fashion as much as possible. In Amsterdam, for example, people look cool and free. They are not afraid to combine different colors, and I’m inspired by looking at them”, – Liene Grinberga, designer of the” Dark Survivor” collection.

From year to year there more and more unique designers appear in Latvia, they try to create something new and interesting, to show us all fresh and grandiose ideas on a podium.

“We have much to strive for, but I already like what we do. Earlier in Latvia and the Baltics, there were many good and cool designers, I want it to stay the same. Nowadays, everything is getting better. The most important thing is that designers now pay attention not only to the creativity, as before, but also to the quality and textiles “, – Elga Homitska.


Public Makes Image autumn/winter collection designed in the characteristic urban style: from a clear “city theme”, which includes flashy prints, warning signs and light reflecting images; to the urban glamour of the 80s and 90s. In this collection designer used high-quality sparkly fabrics with vinyl, natural leather, sheepskin, velvet, Softshell materials, and neoprene. Majority of those fabrics were brought from a fashion capital – Milan. The new collection contains outer clothing, dresses, trousers, shirts, oversized bombers and leather body corsets.

“Dark Survivor” – is a collection that will be added to a shoe range, that was designed and handmade in Latvia. Short boots and medium heals court shoes will be presented in 3 different color combinations: lemon with blue, aqua on wine cherry background and black and pink. Also to this collection is added leather trainers in various bright colors, high boots “transformers” and seasonal trend – shoes made with lama fur and other novelties.

Now world fashion designers and stylists go hand to hand. This is the moment when the two giants are connected together and the result is ART. This is a huge step forward when a designer helps and allows the stylist to create and to add something from yourself.

“I am the head of ideas. I have a great team and it inspires and helps me a lot. I want to thank them all, especially the stylist Elga Homitska. She is an experienced person and knows a lot about the World Fashion. She helped to implement this collection. In my opinion, what we did is very cool, ” – Liene Grinberg.


Our designer Liene and stylist Elga created a breathtaking show. Public Makes Image is a team where everyone works together, where everyone does his work for one purpose.

The collection “Dark Survivor” is a story about people that live in a metropolis. Every day you need to step over some problems and seek a solution to them. But in the end completely to become another person – open and happy, to become yourself.

Public Image autumn/winter collection will be available in-store at the end of August in Public store at 57 Brivibas Street, Riga and online store at To preorder this collection, you can visit the showroom from 22 March to 10 April.

After the show, we asked a few questions to a fashion blogger-model Agnija Grigule and to the guest, who also saw the new collection “Dark Survivor”.


Agnija Grigule

In your opinion, what is Latvian fashion?

Actually, I have nothing bad to say about Latvian fashion, because they learn a lot of new stuff and grow very fast, it’s getting better and better.

What was the most exciting for you on today’s show?

It was cool street style show and they made clothes, which you can actually buy. Some of the designers are making clothes which you can’t buy because it’s not wearable on the streets. And this show is the perfect example how to make a good clothing line.


Inese Mackevica (guest)

What is your style?

My style… well, I like to wear something comfortable, but also stylish. For example, it can be a leather jacket, jeans with a high waist, boots on high soles and a short T-shirt.

In your opinion what is actually in this season?

I think the most actual are bright colors that go with black. Red, yellow, green, something like that.

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