Public Makes Image | RFW S/S 2019

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The brand Public Makes Image participates at Riga Fashion Week S/S 2019. It will be the second collection that is made by this brand and it’s designer Liene Grinberga.

Public Makes Image is a designer’s brand of Urban – Glamour clothing from Amsterdam|Riga both for men and women. 

The brand makes its own leather jackets, T-shirts, trousers, jeans, sportswear, hoodies, shirts, combos, raincoats, sneakers as well as the eclectic footwear.

Tendencies of Urban – Glamour is a heart of Public Makes Image globalized street culture, where different flows and influences from around the world are shared and remixed faster than ever. The first collection «Dark Survivor» was released in March 2018 and had a debut at Riga Fashion Week then was presented on White Milano, and Lithuanian Fashion Week – Mados Infekcija.

The conceptual idea of Public Makes Image brand for this season S/S 2019 is to show game between grunge and sport. Aesthetic moves into the spotlight with deconstructed classics.

The collection has bold graphics and prints. There are slogans such as “FUTБОЛ”, “TENNIS”, “TEHNIC” and “WINNER”.

Main colors that have been used are air force blue, tomato red that mix with white, yellow, pastel blue and pastel pink to finish a romantic grunge sport look.

Our one of the original ideas is design of 90’ tracksuit, which is wearable on both sides – one is the grunge look with skull and metal and the other one is the sport look with graphic and color solutions. Thinking back to the time, when being cool was the most important. It was time, when writing favorite band name on shoes and jacket was very hip. At 90’s you could be sure that football was on the front line the same as tennis does now. We continue the idea of freedom, street, sport and leisure.

The designer was inspired by:

  1. Aljona Ostapenko
  2. FIFA world cup
  3. 90’s youth culture
  4. Kurt Cobain

Soon, we will have a contest for all those who wants to attend the show.

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